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Websites are the backbone of any successful digital marketing campaign. It is advisable to have a professional comprehensive audit of your company’s website before making any adjustments or repairs on your site so you can stay ahead of competition and maintain customer loyalty retention rates!

The Website Auditing Process Can Be A Multi Step Endeavor

While the old search engine algorithms were based on keyword relevance, today's ranking factors are much more complex. In fact, it seems that quality overrides quantity of keywords and/or keyword phrases an individual might use when searching online. Website audits reveal weak points in a Company’s website.

  • Site health Assessment

    Conducting website audits is a great way to check on the health of your company’s website. Identifying errors and needed repairs are imperative for improving the site’s reliability, efficiency and functionality. Each of our website audits produces a comprehensive report on the health of the website that is being audited.

  • Site Analytics Assessment

    Your website audit will reveal whether or not analytics have been properly installed. If needed Analytics can be installed and/or refreshed for accurate analysis of search and conversion metrics.

  • SEO Assessment

    The technical side of SEO is often overlooked, but it’s actually very important. Our website audits assess a site’s SEO status. Technical requirements are what enable a site to be crawled and indexed by search engines like Google so they can rank your content higher on their SERPs!

  • Keyword Search Results Assessment

    With a website audit, a review of the keywords and search queries that your company’s website is ranking for in the search engine results. This will give us an idea of further opportunities available to increase traffic by utilizing relevant keywords with high monthly searches volume, which translates to more potential customers!

  • Website Security Assessment

    Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ( HTTPS ) is a critical element of ranking well in Google. It encrypts user data and puts emphasis on privacy, which has been increasingly important as the algorithm becomes more sophisticated. This is a critical element of every website and will be revealed in a website audit.

  • Social Media Linking Assessment

    Social Media linking can be a highly effective search engine ranking factor when used correctly. A website audit will check your company's site for sitewide social media linking.

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With a completed audit, you can expect to receive a detailed summary report with all the information we've found and how best to fix it.

Even though the search engines update their algorithms regularly, businesses can stay agile by performing regular website audits to make sure they are aligned with the ever-changing best practices of this fluid landscape.

Website audits are the perfect way to make sure your website is functioning at its best and attracting as many visitors possible. Audits help improve Google and other search engine rankings, which in turn increases site traffic for you! A business should take advantage of this opportunity by scheduling a no obligation consultation with a member of our professional team today. We've got over 15 years of experience improving efficiency online so that businesses can grow their revenue streams without breaking a sweat.

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