reTargeted Marketing Services

reTargeted Marketing puts your company's message in front of the right consumers time after time.

The idea behind targeted advertising is that our marketing agency can craft ads for specific audiences. Retargeted Marketing Services comes in when you’ve reached your targeted audience members, but their timing wasn’t right for your product or service. Your ad campaigns can be optimized to retarget your targeted audience members who don’t schedule your services or purchase your products on the first visit to your site or the first phone call to your business. We make sure they keep your company top of mind when we retarget them with your ad across the internet for up to 90 days after their initial visit to your website reminding them each time they see your company's ad of their interest in your product or service.

reTargeted marketing services allows companies to build their brand awareness and to stay in front of potential customers who have shown an interest in their products or services.

reTargeting ad campaigns have been proven to increase the ROI on digital marketing budgets when compared to “one and done” ad impression campaigns. When potential customers are presented a company’s ad repetitively, the company’s brand continues gaining recognition with them. Also, and more importantly, there is much more opportunity for the company to experience the sale when the potential customer is ready to pull the trigger on the purchase of the services or products being presented in the ad.

  • ReMarketing Services

    ReMarketing and ReTargeting Marketing are interchangeable terms commonly used by Digital Marketing Agencies. Regardless which term is used, the process refers to putting your business’s offer, whether a service or product, in front of a potential customer repeatedly as they surf across the internet. The ability to have place your company’s message and brand in front over your potential clients over and over again can help you realize a great ROI on your digital marketing budget.

  • Target Audiences

    Prior to creating a reTargeting Marketing campaign, our team gathers data and completes thorough research to determine the ideal target audience for your digital marketing campaign. Our Agency uses several tools to glean data in regards to consumer location, habits, likes and dislikes. Then, applying that data to the products or services provided by our clients and develop an advertising campaign to pair the products or services provided with the best matched potential customers. With a reTargeting Marketing campaign your ad will follow potential customers who visited your website via the ad campaign for the targeted audience.

  • Creative Services

    You may be thinking this all sounds great, but we don’t know how to make ads for an ad campaign. No worries, we have a creative services team that will create the ads for you at no extra cost when running digital marketing campaigns. Also, when running a reTargeting Marketing campaign, potential customers can become blind to repeated banner exposure. To combat banner blindness, we provide a number of different ad sets, which will be strategically shuffled in order to have potential customers see ads with a different look and feel throughout the life of the campaign.

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With Ad retargeting, our clients can target specific web users based on their previous internet activity. This allows for their ad placement to be in front of qualified people who have demonstrated an interest in the product or service being advertised. Retargeted ads can be a great way to remind a company’s customers about the products or services they might have an interest in, but may not yet have purchased. For example - if someone looked at specific product categories on a company’s website but didn't buy anything else during their visit, it's possible they could be retargeted with advertisements for other items that would pique their curiosity. Thus having a high likelihood of increasing the value of past customers and/or visitors to your company’s site! Remarketing offers you a powerful tool for increasing your revenue, brand recognition and growing your company. Studies have shown people who see retargeted ads are as much as 70% more likely to convert into paying customers, whether by buying products or services or contacting member of a sales team via the contact information provided for your company. When looking for a way to increase brand awareness, drive sales and leads or revenue for your business, look no further than our expert retargeting marketing campaign team. With our expertise coupled with an extensive network of display ad partners, as well as proprietary targeting software that can be integrated into any website, retargeting is a must to include with any digital marketing campaign!

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