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It is said that the most valuable resource for any business are its leads. It’s because without qualified people to sell, you're just throwing money away trying to hopelessly sell in dark.

Nova Sync Digital is a fantastic solution for finding new customers. We offer multiple different advertising platforms to provide our customers with the options to provide any size focused campaign from local to national to international. Whether you are a local small business owner, an international corporation or somewhere in between, we have the ability, tools and products to meet your needs and budget.

Affordable and Exclusive Lead Generation Services Are Here

Hot and Warm leads are developed and delivered to you in real-time via a direct phone call. You then receive notification of each delivered lead phone call, whether it was answered or not, via an email containing the number of the caller, the duration of the call and a recording of the conversation which took place. In the case of missed calls, the email notifications offers the opportunity to quickly return that call and potentially save a lost customer.

  • Exclusive Leads

    Gone are the days of trying to beat out your competitors when dueling over shared leads.  Many lead companies sell their leads over and over again until each lead is saturated with phone calls. This leads to potential customers losing interest in your service or products and even becoming angry due to the volume of return phone calls they receive. With our platform, the leads call your business, and they are exclusive to you. No other company will share the lead that is generated by our company and directed to your phone number. No more wasted on worn out shared leads or competing with your competitors for the lead’s attention and business.

  • Local Lead Generation

    If you are a business that services a specific geographical area(s) with your product or service offering, our Lead Generation Services can be customized by our team to cater to just your specifics needs. We are able to geo-target your online Lead Generation Services campaigns to narrowly target your potential customers based on their location. Through this technology your lead generation efforts are much more successful at delivering leads from your company’s qualified audience. This translates to more successful transactions and more money saved in your advertising budget, it’s a win-win.

  • Custom Ad Campaigns

    Your type of lead generation campaign and budget will be determined through our mutual consultation. Our team provides each of our clients a customized ad campaign for their lead generation package. These campaigns include keyword research, content creation, image creation, optimization of content, ad design and creation, graphic design, landing page(s) creation, and incoming call tracking if needed for the needs of your company’s marketing success. We have multiple advertising platforms for marketing campaigns to utilize in order to meet lead generation results you’re looking to achieve. 

  • Multiple Ad Platforms

    From organic search results to PPC campaigns to Display Ads to a slew of others, it can be a nightmare for business owners to know which platform to use, let alone knowing how to use them properly. So typically, business owners pick one and run with it. The problem with this scenario is these business owners may be leaving money on the table and even worse, wasting large sums altogether. Ideally, Lead Generation happens across multiple platforms simultaneously. This allows for better coverage, and more importantly ad split testing. Testing Ads let’s us know which ads, and platforms, are working best, which allows our team to hyper focus the reach of ad campaigns with the best combination of message and/or graphics, leading to a maximized return on our clients’ marketing budget.

  • Lead Generation Activity Reporting

    Each of our Lead Generation Services clients receives real time lead generation reporting via email message. These reports can be delivered to single email accounts, or several email accounts, depending on your company’s needs. The email report includes whether the call was answered or not, the number calling in, the date and time as well as the duration of the call. In the case of an answered call, the email will also include a link to a recording of the call. Additionally, a monthly report is provided at the end of each month which documents that month's lead generation activity.

  • eMail Lead Generation

    The act of obtaining and collecting email addresses for potential customers. The beauty of email lead generation is that you can create targeted and personalized emails for each stage in your sales process, making it easier than ever to engage with potential clients. There are few things more important than developing high-quality content that your target audience will want to read. By making sure the information you provide them with is engaging, relevant and useful for their needs (and yours!), then it’s possible not only to grow an email list of interested people but also keep quality leads coming through as well!

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Nova Sync Digital Marketing Agency is a result driven internet marketing and lead generation company. The right lead generation strategy can help your company break through barriers and reach new heights. Partnerships are a cornerstone of any successful company. They're the backbone to our business, and we take them seriously! We believe that reliability, transparency & communication with each of our clients is key for our partnership’s success--and you can count on us as your partner in this endeavor.  Together, we can fuel your business’s growth through our proprietary technology and processes. We are the team that will take care of all your lead generation needs. From content marketing to social media, our mission is to give you a leg up against your competition in today's extremely competitive market!

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