Incoming Call Tracking Services

What better way to measure the success of your online marketing efforts than tracking where the phone calls to your business originate from.

With Incoming Call Tracking Services, businesses are able to correlate them with their advertisements and marketing campaigns. This allows the business know more about customers than ever before so they can tailor future strategies accordingly. This is another powerful metric to use when analyzing your marketing campaigns. When a business owner knows which phone number a particular customer, or potential customer, they can easily pinpoint where their business was seen by that caller, thus enabling the business owner to put more effort into campaigns that are receiving calls over those that are not.

You can finally stop wasting money on campaigns that aren’t working.

Our software will track all inbound communications phone calls back to your marketing, and with a little math you'll be able cut out the flops while directing more of those precious dollars towards high-value leads! With this tool, you can analyze your calls from paid search efforts, organic search, banner advertising and more. Virtually any marketing campaign can be setup for incoming call tracking. It's perfect for seeing what worked well or identifying areas that might need some work!

  • Making Every Conversation Matter

    Let's face it, no one has time to spend hours on the phone. But you can still make sure your calls go well by focusing less attention towards mechanics and more effort into what really matters: making great connections! Nova Sync Digital is a digital marketing company that specializes in helping businesses grow. We offer innovative tools to give you an advantage over your competition and bring all of our diverse skill sets together at once for maximum impact!

  • Real Time eMail Notifications

    With each call received via our platform, your company will receive an eMail notification in real time to one or more dedicated email accounts in order to inform the people in your organization who need to be aware of incoming calls being received. Attached to the notification email will be a link to a recording of the incoming call if applicable. Missed calls also generate eMail notifications in real time allowing for the ability to avoid losing the potential customer by calling them back in a timely manner. 

  • Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

    With our platform, you can get a clearer picture of how your phone calls are generated and handled. You will also be able to see the impact that they have on your bottom line Quickly and Concisely. Why settle for just marketing when you can have call tracking and management too? Our unique solution is the only one that combines all three of these features in an elegant package.

  • Website Chat Widget

    Your clients are always looking for ways to get in touch with you and now they won't have any trouble doing so. The chat icon on your website allows visitors an easy way of contacting you at all times, which makes for a happier customer. With this new feature, more people may purchase items off of our site since we'll be able engage those interested parties more in conversations. Our Chat Widget can be programmed to reply to the customers phone number with a text message while notifying your company’s designated personnel of an online conversation, as well as allowing your potential customers to schedule appointments for a call back from your company, and much more.

  • Recorded Incoming Calls

    By using our platform, you can get access to important customer insights and make smart decisions that will help your business grow. We’ll help you understand their pain points so that when it comes to making decisions, the right ones won't just happen by accident. These insights can be used for marketing, obtaining customer reviews, training employees, fixing weak points in your sales chain, and many more ways to help improve your business’s bottomline.

  • Activity Reporting

    There's no better way to make sure that you're reaching all of your potential customers than with call tracking. When you know which ads and campaigns drive the most calls, it's easy to make informed decisions about where your time is best spent. By dissecting your calls sources, time of day received, duration of calls, volume of calls, first time callers versus return callers, and previous reactions with callers, you can fine tune your marketing campaigns to maximize the productivity of your advertising dollars. Our platform features real time reporting with every phone call received, via email. In addition, our clients receive a monthly report providing overall incoming call tracking statistics to assist in analyzing all of these metrics, and more.

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Do the employees of your company ask callers how they found your number in hopes of figuring out which ad, listing, website or coupon they found your information on? With our Incoming Call Tracking Services platform, you can handle your customer’s needs without having to bother them with the inquisition of how and where they found you. With proper implementation you’ll know exactly which marketing campaign provided that customer with your information. With Incoming Call Tracking, you can monitor the role service plays in customer experience and how it impacts satisfaction. You'll be able document common questions and trends to help coach your team members as well as deliver insights into when customers are calling. All this and so much more, all designed for you to have the necessary data to not only retain a healthy customer base, but to also maximize your customer aquisitions while optimizing your marketing efforts for a better ROI on your advertising budget.

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