Google Business Profile Optimization and Management

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a tool that businesses can use in order to improve their online presence.

GBP can allow you more visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), as well as provide potential customers with contact information for your company! Ensuring your customers are well informed is essential when search Google for terms related to products or services you company provides. It will help them make a decision about what business best suits their needs. Google Business Profile is a great way to manage your company's appearance on one of the world’s most popular search engines. With a well optimized and managed GBP listing you’ll have a presence on one of the world’s most visited search engines and you’ll be able to manage the image and message your company presents to potential customers! Streamline this process with our Google Business Profile Optimization and Management Services.

Is An Optimized And Well Managed GBP Right For Your Business?

Google Business Profile is an important tool that can help you reach your target audience as well as provide valuable information to both current and potential customers.  If you want to succeed in this competitive and ever-changing market, it is imperative that your company has a presence online. GBP provides the perfect opportunity for success with its ability not just to promote but also to connect businesses with potential customers through interactive features like reviews system or map sharing! So, in short, if your business is looking to connect with current or potential customers online, yes, it should have a GBP listing.

  • Google Business Profile Setup

    Another online marketing tool for companies to learn and use to their advantage for locating and earning new customers while keeping engaged with current customers. How much time do you as a business owner have to dedicate toward using and managing all the different online marketing tools available to maximizing your online presence and success? Just claiming your company's GBP is not enough to provide success. Proper setup is the crucial first step to having positive results with a GBP lisiting. 

  • GBP Reviews

    Google Business Profile Reviews are one of the most important metrics when it comes to your company's reputation and the position your listing will earn in the search engine results algorithm. Most businesses struggle to have their sutomers leave reviews, and statistically, most customers won't bother to do so. With our GBP management packages we take over this mundane chore for the business owner freeing them up to handle more pressing issues for the company. Our strategies for obtaining reviews from satisfied customers has been proven to be successful.

  • GBP Optimization

    GBP is proper setup is step number one in optimizing your company's listing. With the use of keyword research and ideal customer metrics your GBP can be optimized to be readily found by potential geo-targeted customers in the organic Google Business Profile search results. With proper ongoing consistant optimization and management, GBP listings can provide a steady flow of qualified potential customers for your company's products or services while at the same time improving the organic search results of your website.

  • GBP Review Engagement

    Simply receiving reviews is not enough to maximize the positive signals a company needs to send to the Google algorithm. Consistent review engagement, such as answering questions or addressing issues raised by a reviewer, can help give GBP listings a bump in the search result rankings and help maintain a favorable search result position. Our strategies, techniques and tools streamline this process making it easy for a company owner to be notified of reviews be left on their listing as well as opportunities for owners to engage with reviews that have been submitted.

  • GBP Management

    What's the deal with local search?  The internet is becoming increasingly global, yet we are still a society divided into geographic regions. As such there has been an increase in searches for locally-owned businesses over those located more than 5 miles away from one another. If your company has one, two, or even more locations, GBP management can become overwhelming. With our GBP management packages, a business owner does not have to stress over managing the day-to-day operation of their GBP listing(s).

  • Increasing GBP Reviews

    Most local businesses struglle with getting any reviews to for their GBP listings, let alone favorable reviews. Those that do achieve this goal typically have an employee, or the owner themselves, dedicated to this task. It can take time and be frustrating to build a bank of positive reviews. Our GBP packages include a streamlining process for this that has not only been shown to increase reviews, but to overwhelmingly increase favorable 5 star reviews for our client companies.

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Quite simply, there’s no doubt that local rankings appear higher than non-local (organic) ones. In fact, when you invest time in managing your business's SEO strategy and implement best practices for content creation as well as optimization across all platforms, including Google Business Profiles, your website, etc., it can make a big difference between being found online by potential customers locally as opposed to nowhere at all!


The Google Business Profile allows for you to better your company’s exposure right from the search results page. It is a possibility, for instance to have snippets of information about what products or services are available on your website appear directly below where people type in keywords related to their needs. From there they can view an entire webpage with your available products or services which can include pictures,  prices and even calls to actions like “book now” or “click to call” buttons or links.

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