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Email reTargeting when your potential customers are undecided you need to stay in front of them to help them decide on your products or services.

Email retargeting also known as remarketing is a commonly used strategy by websites to target email contacts or returning customers who have not converted via offsite advertising, or onsite calls to actions. It can also be used as an effective means of increasing revenue through increased conversion rates because it drives people back into your website without them even thinking about it!

What is eMail reTargeting, and how does it work?

Visitors to your website have the opportunity of leaving without taking any action. But with an email retargeting strategy, you can get them back for another chance, or more, at conversion! The goal of remarketing is to reach out and convert website visitors into customers. The best way for this, which we know from experience, is to use popular lead generation tools like cookies on their computers or smartphones. This allows for tracking which pages they visited in order understand customer interests and patterns better and to use this data to offer targeted advertisements that will pique those audiences' interest enough until a sale has been made!

  • Website Visitor Followups

    The most common reason eCommerce businesses lose sales is because of shopping cart abandonment. According to renowned Statista Research and Analysis firm, 3 out 4 customers abandon their carts mid-way through the checkout process, and a retargeting strategy can help you reach this person via eMail retargeting to include incentives to complete the sale for instance, some discounts on shipping fees discounts on the products they selected and/or the services they were interested in, so they don't forget about your product or service and the chances of completing their purchase are increased greatly!

  • Reoccurring sales

    With retargeting eMail campaigns past and current customers can be targeted with specials, promotions, new products, new services and much more. By staying in contact with customer and website visitor databases companies are able to keep their business fresh in the mind of proven consumers and potential customers. As an example, when perishable products or services which are used on an occasional basis are sold, eMail retargeting can be used at different intervals to remind past customers that it is time to replace their perishable product or to repurchase the service they used prior. With eMail retargeting companies can inflate their customer lifetime value drastically.

  • Upsells

    One of the main advantages of using email retargeting is that it gives you a chance to target specific audiences, like your existing customers to upsell your different products. Customers who have visited your website and bought one of your products or services can be retargeted with email for other products or services closely related to what they already purchased. Our clients have had great success with this strategy especially when the retargeting email includes specials or promotions to entice further purchases from the email recipient. Upselling to past customers is yet another way the eMail retargeting assists our client companies to inflate their customer lifetime value.

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Imagine if visitors to your site left without making a purchase and you wanted them back. What would be the best way of getting in touch with these people? One answer: email retargeting! With this strategy, marketers can set up an autoreply message such as "We hope you liked X - please let us know so we can offer comparable products" or some other variation on that theme (depending upon their business goals). The beauty here is not just convenience but also high response rates with personal messages and enticements, allowing prospects who have already shown interest in your products or services to rekindle that interest and rethink their purchasing indecision.

Marketing emails are a great way to retarget your followers with relevant offers and information. You can also use them as an opportunity for new customers, by popping up in their inbox once they've clicked through from an advertisement or promotions (with proper permissions). Studies have found that this strategy has been successful at boosting conversion rates!

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