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Be sure you're always in your potential customers thoughts and minds with targeted display ad marketing campaigns.

Nova Sync Digital Marketing Agency’s technology helps our clients’ brands reach the consumers they want while expanding their influence across thousands of additional websites. Our company is known for its targeting tactics like search retargeting, lookalikes, geofencing & more, which make it possible to locate desired audiences while also expanding your reach on popular platforms and websites with targeted display advertising.

The journey of each customer is an opportunity to influence their affinity toward your company's product or service

With our advanced display ad marketing services targeting tactics, you can reach the right audiences and influence consumers with targeted display advertising. It's time to give your marketing a fresh new perspective! Our cutting-edge advertising technology and strategies allow you to not only reach the right audiences but make an impression on them too. Until recently this has only been available to fortune 1000 companies with enormous marketing budgets, but with recent break throughs, we are now able to offer these services to our clients who serve local or regional areas with their services or products.

  • Banner Ads

    Display Ad Marketing Services can seem daunting for small to medium businesses. Just creating banner ads in different sizes to fit the requirements of the many websites displaying your ads can take forever. Then there is the graphics, the message, the dimensions, etc. Rest assured, we've got your back. Most of our advertising packages include all of these details, and more!

  • Video Ads

    Video ads can be a powerful advertising tool. When used with our display ad network, your video ads can be seen by your potential customers across the web on a large variety of high authority websites. Further, they can be setup to auto play as your potential customer lands on a site displaying your ads. With the addition of audio and visual elements of video interaction and conversion rates have been shown to increase significantly.

  • Target Audiences

    Once we have determined the strategy and goals for your campaign, our team will set out to develop a target audience for your ads. Through research and your company's input, we'll be able to target the most desirable demographic for your service area and product or service. Your ads will then be shown to potential customers who match those parameters.

  • Mobile Ads

    Reports indicate that as much as 63% of all Google searches are done via a mobile device. This indicates that a majority of your potential customers will see your ads on the mobile phones. Our display ad marketing packages each include banner ads with the proper dimensions to optimize them for mobile device viewing. This will assist your company in standing out from the crowd and further increase your conversion rates.

  • Retarget Audiences

    Keeping your company on the mind of potential customers has been proven to have a big positive impact on sales. Once we have narrowed down the demographics of your ideal customer, our technology allows us to display your company's ad to them on a large network of high authority websites as they surf the web, reminding them of your product or service.

  • Geotargeted Ads

    If you are a local or regional business that caters to local or regional customers, it does your company no good to have your ads shown to potential customers outside of your service area. With our Geotargeting technology and strategies, we'll be able to maximize your advertising dollars effectiveness by targeting your areas of service, saving you time and money with your display ad marketing campaigns.

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If your display ad's performance isn’t being tracked, it’s impossible to know how well it is performing. Our display ad marketing services CTR benchmark (average click-vs-impression ratio) measures your ads performance. Once a benchmark has been established, the data can be reviewed, and a determination can be made as to whether the display ad needs to be adjusted or left alone to continue on with successful metrics. It can be difficult to assess how well a company’s ads are performing without the right tools. Our trained display advertising specialist have the tools and experience allowing them the ability to decode numbers for you and make adjustments that increase conversion rates, which means more customers converting into buyers! We pride ourselves in streamlining the process to having a successful advertising campaign for our clients and in return saving them money, saving them time and increasing their bottom lines.

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